Each year, we offer opportunities to seasonal staff and Graduates embarking on a career in arboriculture, ecology, and environmental consultancy.

The Wharton Graduate Training Programme is designed to help you build skills, experience, and knowledge and throughout the programme, you will work on real projects and will be supported and developed by senior team members and dedicated mentors. Our aim is to provide you with a valuable experience which will set you up for the world of work in consultancy.



Join us and embark on a meaningful career where you can grow, make an impact, and guide our clients to enhance the places we live, work, and play.


Wharton can provide valuable learning as you begin your career, the experience of new tasks and challenging situations, with the opportunity to be mentored by more experienced colleagues. We create opportunities for you to learn new things.

Fun & Friendly

We strive to make everyone feel included and a part of our ecosystem immediately. We host regular social events including drinks and cocktails, bowling nights, away days and quarterly team activity days to celebrate success over the previous financial quarter.


We give you the chance to take on real live projects aimed at building up research, field survey and report writing skills. We will help you develop or build upon your existing skills in AutoCAD and GIS, whilst also utilising any skills you may have to develop our service.


We celebrate diversity and strive to create environments in which everyone has an equal chance of success. Everyone has equal access to opportunities, and our teams reflect the rich diversity of our natural world.

Translating all of the


All our team must demonstrate the skills and behaviours that will help us deliver on our business strategy and to put it simply – we’re thrilled you want to be a part of the Wharton ecosystem.

If you believe you have what it takes, and you can offer the four non-negotiables listed below – we want to hear from you!

At Wharton, you will never be just another employee. You will always be you, with all your talent and potential, and the opportunity to go places while remaining true to yourself throughout the process.

This includes making a difference to our team, our clients and people we work with, and the environment we are working to protect. We expect you to be proactive in effecting positive change.

Working at Wharton requires you to be approachable, inclusive, and humble. This is not to say that you cannot work hard and be rewarded for it – our tip: Get stuck in!

You will be given responsibility, you’ll be challenged, and given the opportunity to define your own career path. Enjoy it. We’ll create the inclusive culture in which everyone has an equal playing field.

THE selection


All the information you need to know about our early career application and selection processes.

Submitting your application form couldn’t be easier, our application is only a few questions and we’ll ask you to attach a copy of your C.V.

If you are successful after this stage you go to the second stage in the process. If you are not successful, you will receive a rejection email.


We share our Seasonal and Graduate positions from the end of September/October until the 30th of November each year for the first round of recruitment. We will re-open applications for our positions at the end of November – until the 31st of January if we still need to hear from additional candidates.

Once we have reviewed your application, we like what we hear and think you’d be the right fit for our team, we’ll reach out for a chat by the end of November.

Our recruitment process can take many different forms but in general, it’s a four-step process.

We have a four-step process which we follow to determine whether you'll be the right fit. Our 'About you' call gives you the opportunity to tell us about yourself, and why you’ve applied to us.


'About you' Call - Informal telephone conversation with one of our team.


In-person interview - Learn more about your working style and what makes you tick.


Complete a behavioural-based psychometric test - a tool that predicts future performance in the role.


Receive your offer from us - We’ll tell you whether we’d like you to join us, as soon as possible.

The behavioural assessment is used to ensure that candidates of all ages, genders, ethnicities, disabilities, and social backgrounds can demonstrate their potential in a fair and objective manner. The only thing observed in this assessment are behaviours; no questions are asked. This allows bias to be removed from more traditional methods of assessment, such as self-report and video interviewing.

Hear from our


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Alastair Craighead | Seasonal Ecologist



We’ll expect you to be able to talk about Wharton, the team and role you’re applying for, and yourself in a coherent and confident manner. The more you know about these topics, the better prepared you’ll be, so do your research!
Consider looking into the following sources of information:

  • Our website (careers and corporate) and social media channels
  • Professional organisations and industry guidance
  • Does anyone you know work for Wharton?
  • Press articles on current events in your field of study


We want to hire you because of your strengths and what you can bring to our team. Avoid telling us what you think we want to hear; instead, respond honestly, be yourself, and tell us what you can bring to the role.

Review your application – proofreading can be tedious and we understand this but, it is critical when applying. First impressions matter, and if our first impression of you is a spelling or grammatical error, you’re already on the back foot before you’ve even progressed beyond the first stage. Check, check, and double-check!

Helpful hints

& Tips

Whatever team you want to join, there are some things you should consider, so we’ve compiled some hints and tips for you.


Remember our four skills and behaviours throughout the process as, wherever possible, we will be looking for you to demonstrate and highlight how you can meet these requirements.


Mention our competitors – Seems obvious, doesn’t it? It should be, but trust us, we’ve seen it before. We understand you may be short on time when applying to multiple companies, but it may raise questions about your attention to detail if we notice our competitors’ names. Check everything again!

Don’t tell us what we already know – we know about Wharton and our values, we wrote them, and we notice when you copy and paste our words into your application. Find out what personally excites you about the business or what roles you are most interested in and tell us about it when you do your research.