Fair Pay Charter For Ecologists

The Charter is an informal and voluntary document that people in positions of management within companies can sign up to (directors and senior managers, we’re looking at you to lead on this one!), to make the commitment to treating and paying early-career ecologists fairly. It includes measures such as paying the National living Wage, advertising salary brackets in job descriptions (instead of ‘pay dependent on experience’ which lets be honest, doesn’t really tell anyone anything!), and being clear that tools needed for the job (i.e. a phone, laptop and PPE) aren’t company benefits.

The Charter can be printed, signed and uploaded to your website, placed into job adverts, and/or celebrated on social media.

We want people to shout about this, we want people to sign up to it, and we want those people to be celebrated for making a commitment to changing the way entry-level ecologists are treated in our sector. Please feel free to share the Charter to anyone who you think would be willing to sign (and definitely send it to those who might not be!).

Let’s make the ecological sector a better, fairer place to work; and let’s do it now.