Seasonal Ecological Consultant

Alastair Craighead

MSc BSc(Hons)


Alastair joined the team at Wharton in March 2022 as a seasonal ecologist and is developing a number of technical skills relating to protected species such as bats and great crested newt. He has previously worked in ecology on a range of developments in his home county of Northumberland undertaking nocturnal bat roost and activity surveys and assisting on bat risk assessments.

Alastair has volunteered with his local wildlife trusts in Nottinghamshire and Northumberland for the last 10 years developing valuable practical habitat management experience. He is particularly interested in botany and habitat assessments and is experienced in conducting preliminary ecological appraisals. He has previously applied his botanical know-how to a number of conservation initiatives including the Magnificent Meadows and Catch My Drift projects, and the National Plant Monitoring Scheme.

He is passionate about ecology and helping Wharton meet the needs of businesses and the environment!



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