Ecological Consultant - Bat Coordinator

Laura Carter


Laura Carter

Laura joined the team at Wharton in October 2020 as an ecological consultant. She has a BSc (Hons) in zoology and three years of experience as a project ecologist. Laura has been involved in a wide range of projects throughout the UK, and has experience in completing a many biodiversity net gain assessments using both the DEFRA metric as well as the county-specific metric utilised in our local area of Warwickshire.

Laura has developed a strong set of skills in protected species surveying, and holds a Class 1 bat survey licence from Natural England. She is a strong communicator and is able to convey often complex ecological constraints to our clients in a simple, digestible manner.

Finding ways that the human and natural world can coexist successfully is a passion of Laura’s, and she enjoys the challenge of integrating ecology with development to create better places to live, work and play.


Laura Carter

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