Detailed Tree Assessment & Planning Consultation: Oxford University

Project: Educational site development 

Client: Balliol College (Bidwells)

Planning Consultants: Turnberry Planning

Architect: Niall McLaughlin Architects

Developer: BAM

Wharton Natural Advisers: Peter Wharton, Director & Jack Barnard, Arboricultural Consultant

Services: Detailed Tree Survey, Tree Protection Plan, Letter-based Report

Iconic development of a world class residential accommodation at Master Fields, Balliol College. Wharton was called in to rectify a technical issue relating to a high value protected beech tree on the ancient tree register and a previous report prepared by a third party. The issues arose following planning and during the implementation of site works. The tree was 3D scanned and a detailed arboricultural method statement for above and below ground works was compiled.

The leading Ecology & Tree Surveys Consultancy
The leading Ecology & Tree Surveys Consultancy

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