Tree Risk Management: Central Bedfordshire County Council

Project: To carry out a re-survey to assess the trees within the ownership of Central Bedfordshire County Council.

Wharton Natural Adviser: Jack Barnard, Arboricultural Consultant


  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)
  • Tree Schedule
  • Tree Survey Plan
  • Letter based report

Tree Risk Management: Central Bedfordshire County Council

Wharton assisted Central Bedfordshire County Council in not only fulfilling their obligations to uphold a ‘duty of care’ to members of the public but to also allocate appropriate budget for continued tree maintenance works. 

Wharton carried out the surveys using a computerised tree management system to record the data.  All individual trees were visually assessed, and groups/woodland areas were walked and mapped. A detailed tree management report and plan was prepared including an extensive tree schedule with an outline for re-inspection within 3 years.

The project involved collaborative working and communication with many different members of the council, drawing on a variety of skill sets has enabled Wharton to develop a detailed and user-friendly system of managing the councils tree population.

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