Tree Assessment & Planning with TPO and Veteran Trees: Aberystwyth University

Project: Undertake campus wide tree risk survey and management plan

Wharton Natural Advisor: Sebastian Onslow, Senior Arboricultural Consultant


  • Campus Risk Zoning & briefing notes
  • Tree inventory & Risk Assessment
  • Tree Management Report
  • Detailed decay assessments and climbing inspections
Tree Assessment & Planning with TPO and Veteran Trees: Aberystwyth University

Scope/Scale of project:
Large land owners, Aberystwyth University, are one of the UK’s top 100 universities with a ‘duty of care’ to all students, staff and the general public set out within the Occupiers’ Liability Acts 1957 & 1984 in relation to the condition of its trees. The tree condition assessment was undertaken to ensure that a proactive role be adopted in order to maintain and improve the tree resource in a planned, systematic and integrated approach and following the guidance provided by the National Tree Safety Group (NTSG).

Undertake campus wide tree risk survey and management plan

An in-depth Tree Management Plan was put in place for the trees on the campus which comprised of a total of 4694 individual trees, 121 groups of trees, 12 woodlands and 5 hedgerows. Prioritised recommendations were given for any works considered appropriate to the risks and associated target areas. In addition to this, categories for re-inspection frequencies were also given.

This plan has allowed the University to act in a reasonable and pragmatic way in relation to tree risk across the campuses. Furthermore, a budget can now be prepared for an on-going tree management plan and the scheduling and ordering of works.

Customer Testimonial:
“Whartons provided us with a comprehensive easy to use tree report, site management plan and full tree inventory that involved the individually tagging of 5,000 trees. Whartons were exceptionally professional throughout the process and were extremely accurate in their survey which has not only fulfilled our duty of care obligations but has also enabled us to manage our tree stock in a safe and controlled manner, that has paid for itself in the peace of mind and the reduction of emergency tree work needed. The communication and support was excellent throughout and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in the future”. – Paul Evans, Grounds Manager, Aberystwyth University

Additional Facts:
In October 2015, the University’s Penglais Campus became the first University campus in Wales to achieve the Green Flag Award. The Green Flag Award is a UK-wide partnership, delivered in Wales by Keep Wales Tidy and with the support from Natural Resources Wales; the mark of a high-quality park or green space.

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