Tree Risk Management for Drayton Manor Theme Park

Client: Drayton Manor Theme Park

Wharton Consultant: James Butler White, Arboricultural Consultant

Services: Visual Tree Assessment (VTA), Tree Risk Management Report, Tree Management Policy

Wharton assisted Drayton Manor Theme Park in not only fulfilling their obligations to uphold their ‘duty of care’ to members of the public, but also in producing a detailed tree management policy.  

Wharton carried out the surveys using TreePlotter, a fully customisable, web-based, tree data collection and management tool, which analyses the data to provide an overview of tree age, species composition and work priorities. All individual trees were visually assessed, groups of trees &/or woodlands were walked and mapped to give a fully comprehensive inventory of the tree population within the park. A detailed Health & Safety report and plans were also prepared which included an extensive tree schedule that outlined the recommended tree works and future re-inspection frequency. 

A tree management policy was prepared to secure the benefits that trees provide around the Estate and to provide a balanced and proportionate approach to managing trees at Drayton Manor Park. 

Tree Risk Management for Drayton Manor Theme Park
Drayton Manor Theme Park

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