How trees can enhance your site

Picture the scene, your driving through a newly built estate and all that surrounds you are red brick buildings, cars either side of the road making it difficult to manoeuvre, an ‘open space’ of flat grass and trees that look more like twigs protruding from the ground due to planting at the wrong time of year.

Now picture this scene, an avenue of green trees that line the drive into a new estate with picturesque and individual houses all with landscaped gardens. A large public open space with interesting landscape with trees strategically placed, chosen and well maintained. I know which picture I would rather pay for. What about you?

So, how can trees enhance your site?

Firstly having trees on your site that are maintained, kept alive and the correct species are chosen will increase the saleability of properties there because people prefer a greener landscape. If your not sure what species to introduce onto your site then this is where a planting scheme could help…

Trees can also add value to your properties. If you have a site that already has trees located on it, and within the tree survey you have trees categorised as A trees then it is worth holding onto

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