Ecological Consultant Laura Gains Great Crested Newt Licence

Great Crested Newt Licence

Our Ecological Consultant Laura has successfully achieved her Level 1 Great Crested Newt (GCN) Class Survey Licence, which is a fantastic achievement.

Laura Carter

Laura has been working towards her licence for the last couple of years, with the final part attending a GCN licence course earlier this year. Congratulations Laura in getting your GCN Licence.

This now allows Laura to survey GCN using various techniques via:

  • hand;
  • nets;
  • torches; and
  • aquatic funnel traps (including bottle traps)

Laura has gained relevant and valuable experience in undertaking GCN surveys, as well as gaining a comprehensive understanding of their ecology. Alongside this, having a reference from a licenced individual who is confident in her abilities to supporting her application. 

For our clients who work with our Ecology Team it provides you with a fourth consultant who have a great created newt licence.

If you have a project where Great Crested Newts are involved please contact the team who will be happy to assist, please do get in touch.

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