International Day of Forests – Forest Soils

A bird's eye view of a a forest pathway- Credit UAVisonary

It is difficult to overestimate the value of forests and the numerous benefits they provide to people all over the world. They provide a wide range of ecosystem services, including timber production; vast net primary productivity, which is a central ecological function; carbon, organic matter, water, and pollutant regulation; and even pure intrinsic and cultural values […]

Arboricultural Team Expands – Welcome Elva!


Wharton welcomes the latest member to it’s team of Natural Advisers! Elva Preston joins us today as an Arboricultural Consultant Elva joined the team in March 2021 after working as an Assistant Ecologist for WSP and FPCR in the midlands since 2018. Elva is one of a rare breed but growing, as a female arboricultural […]