Landscape Architecture surveys

Whilst tree, ecology and topographical surveys enable you to effectively develop residential and commercial sites, landscape design considers the aesthetics of your surroundings and how they can play a role in enhancing health and wellbeing.

Effective landscape design works in unison with buildings, creating a juxtaposition of useful green areas and accessible facilities. The result is a direct link between space and place, built on the foundations of a sustainable infrastructure

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Perfect for commercial projects

If the site is being used for business purposes or owned by a local authority, you’ll be pleased to hear that we take commercial viability as seriously as visual arrangement. As a result, you gain the confidencethat Wharton will develop a solution to perfectly suit your precise requirements and goals.

Wharton Landscape Architecture
Wharton Landscape Architecture

Improved quality of life

Landscape architecture has always been important, but the coronavirus pandemic has motivated commercial developers to consider it more than ever before. With outdoor spaces designed around the needs of people and the protection of natural habitats, we’ll help you to improve the quality of life for staff, customers and the general public.


We provide the natural advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs, naturally increasing the true value of your land of property.

Our highly qualified team can help you find the most successful natural-infrastructure solutions; minimise the risk to users of their land, form plans to improve ecology and advise construction companies how to work safely around their site.

Understanding the complete constraints and opportunities of any site, whether it be arboricultural, ecological or topographical to name but a few elements, is critical in order to design and plan a successful proposal.

Wharton undertook an initial bat survey which identified suitable areas for roosting bats and evidence of bat activity (droppings).



Wharton undertook a preliminary ecological appraisal, bat activity and emergence/return to roost surveys, and completed a shadow Habitat …

Wharton undertook an initial bat survey which identified suitable areas for roosting bats and evidence of bat activity (droppings).



Trees are fundamental to our wellbeing and quality of life, whether in an urban or rural context. They secure many environmental, economic and social benefits when planned and managed appropriately.

Ecology surveys are required when a building or area that’s set to be transformed has species of wildlife that call it their home.

A topographical survey, or land survey, is a site assessment with accurate measurements and a record of any physical features. It includes the levels and contours across the survey area, and also the features within it.