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A topographical survey, or land survey, is a site assessment with accurate measurements and a record of any physical features. It includes the levels and contours across the survey area, and also the features within it. They can be a useful record of the “as-built” information and also a fundamental foundation stone for proposed building work or landscaping.

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Why do you need a topographical survey?

The basis of all planning applications comes from accurate baseline plans being prepared which include three-dimensional point data. Wharton carry out and produce maps in-house to the scale and format requested by our clients. Outputs that can be supplied include 2D and 3D Plan Drawings, Site Sections, volumes, Autodesk Civil 3D surfaces, MX GENIO and LandXML outputs, 3D Modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Wharton Land & Building Surveys

What'S on a topographical survey?

Our standard topographic land surveys display the position of ground level surface features such as building footprints, walls, trees, fences, manhole covers and invert levels, to name a few.

Supportive height data such as ridge and eave heights, overhead lines and boundary height information will be picked up to aid the planner and architects in designing and creating 3D models for feasibility studies and visuals for their clients. All our surveys also include contours to easily identify the lay of the land.

Total stations and laser scanner are used to collect point data during the survey. A post-survey analysis of the data is then carried out and drawings are produced that reflect the results. Drawings are drawn to scale and can be provided in a number of different formats, the most common being DWG, DXF and PDF.


We provide the natural advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs, naturally increasing the true value of your land of property.

Our highly qualified team can help you find the most successful natural-infrastructure solutions; minimise the risk to users of their land, form plans to improve ecology and advise construction companies how to work safely around their site.

Understanding the complete constraints and opportunities of any site, whether it be arboricultural, ecological or topographical to name but a few elements, is critical in order to design and plan a successful proposal.

Wharton undertook an initial bat survey which identified suitable areas for roosting bats and evidence of bat activity (droppings).



Wharton undertook a preliminary ecological appraisal, bat activity and emergence/return to roost surveys, and completed a shadow Habitat …

Wharton undertook an initial bat survey which identified suitable areas for roosting bats and evidence of bat activity (droppings).



Trees are fundamental to our wellbeing and quality of life, whether in an urban or rural context. Whether you’re wanting to get planning permission & develop your site or manage tree risk, we provide the tree advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs, naturally increasing the true value of your land or property.

Ecology surveys are required to inform planning applications  when making alterations to buildings or land which are set to be transformed and have important species or habitats. Our team of specialist ecologists provide the surveys and reports you need in order to move forward with a successful project.

We help our clients create unique, beautiful, and commercially viable spaces to benefit the environment, linking communities via the use of green space and infrastructure. Well planned and managed landscapes go beyond aesthetics, positively impacting our health & wellbeing and productivity, whilst tackling climate change & biodiversity issues.

Personal Support

Now more than ever time is money. We guarantee our turnaround times to ensure you receive the right information at the right time to unlock the true value of your site.

We believe good communication lies at the heart of any successful ecological consultancy work. That’s why our recommendations whether on the phone in person or in a report are always easy to understand and use.

A Unique Approach

Whether you’re looking to plan, develop or manage your site, our ecologists provide the natural advice you need to successfully balance commercial, environmental and human needs, naturally increasing the true value of your land or property. By combining detailed research and data analysis of the existing trees and ecology, our arboricultural consultant will help turn any constraints into exciting opportunities to achieve planning success, improve quality of life, and allow nature to thrive.

After taking the time to research and understand your needs, our expert ecological consultants use the latest techniques to record and assess the trees and ecology on your site. Then, drawing on our in-depth experience, we help find the best way forward for you, your customers and the nature of your land and property. Ultimately, our ecological consultancy services will help increase the value of your site.

Quality Advice

Our commitment to providing honest advice that considers the wider context of your scheme enables us to secure a successful planning process and applications the first time and every time.

After a decade of success, we have developed strong relationships with planners and councils so that when a scheme does prove more challenging we can bring the right people together to find the best way forward.

Expert Analysis

Our highly qualified team of ecology consultants constantly review and update their knowledge and skills to ensure we are at the forefront of industry knowledge, environmental studies and best practice, especially in terms of environmental issues or ecological issues.

This forward-thinking approach enables Wharton environmental consultant to provide thought leadership across the whole natural-infrastructure sector driving innovation and excellence.

Commercially Minded

We understand the need to find a balance for each site between commercial environment and community requirements. So we focus on trees, ecology and habitats as assets rather than commercial development constraints.

Our approach to the environmental management of ecological constraints allows us to deliver practical and innovative services that ensure owners retain viable natural infrastructure and developers optimise their investment.

Time Conscious

For anyone in the planning sector, professional advice provided quickly and in an easily digestible format is vital to allow you to make decisions. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest and quickest level of ecological consultancy service to all clients from homeowners to those managing strategic land. 

Our team will ensure you know all critical dates either for planning matters, seasonal constraints or protected animal species activity seasons. Connect now with the right ecology consultant, we will ensure you don’t miss a thing.