Whilst tree, ecology and topographical surveys enable you to effectively develop residential and commercial sites, landscape design considers the aesthetics of your surroundings and how they can play a role in enhancing health and wellbeing.

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Landscape Design

Using our knowledge and experience in landscape design it is our mission is to help our clients create beautiful, healthy and inclusive places where people aspire to live, work and play.

Landscape Maintenance and Management

 Landscape Management and Maintenance Plans define how a development will maintain the proposed ecology and landscaping of the site. It is essential in ensuring the site fulfills its purpose which may include providing thriving habitats and recreational spaces.

Landscape Planning

At Wharton, our experienced team adopt a holistic and design-led approach to landscape planning to create well-planned, sustainable, inspiring environments. Our creativity along with a detailed understanding of the environment and site constraints allow us to provide a space which is both beautiful and practical.

Landscape Master Planning

A landscape master plan provides a site overview and a vision for the development as a whole. It communicates the benefits of the proposal to planners, senior managers and the public.

Planting Specifications

Planting specifications detail exactly where your plants, flowers and shrubbery will be positioned within your development. They ensure that your scheme offers the optimum efficiency in providing a sustainable habitat for wildlife, as well as offering a beautiful environment for us to enjoy.

Landscape Project Management

When it comes to landscape design and specification, there are certain ‘best practices’ which must be followed. The Wharton team provide a thorough project management approach to ensure that each project is thoroughly planned, coordinated and controlled from its commencement to its completion.

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